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Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell is just some guy. He grew up in the suburban outlands of DC at the height of Cold War nuclear paranoia and the Satanic Panic. He received his musical education from WHFS, the 9:30 Club, and the showrooms of Chuck Levin’s. At various points, he’s been a sound tech, an instrument salesman, and a late-night disc jockey. Mark has been in far too many bands, playing everything from bass and guitar to keyboards. Which bands? None you’ve heard of. And that’s the point. He gets it. Mark knows what it is to lug gear, play to half-empty rooms, and throw down tracks on a cassette four track on the off chance that someone, somewhere is listening. These days, he collects vintage synths, rolls polyhedral dice, and, on occasion, walks the dog. But Mark has never stopped rooting for the unsung, remaindered, and overlooked musicians who never got the break they deserved. He haunts record stores looking for lost alt-rock treasures, unearthing DIY releases, limited pressings, and short runs of great records that went largely unspun. Quite simply, Mark is on a mission– a mission to rescue the best indie albums from the discount bins of history.

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